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A Totally Integrated Design and Analysis Framework

Run Setup: need for a tailored wing or blade profile? Then you certeinly don't want to waste your time with a complicated interface, with a lengthy and cumbersome run setup procedure or by going through an endless user's manual. The philosophy behind the GUI of EDGARis "keep it simple!". All that the user must know are the design points for which his profile must be designed. We took care of all the rest by programming an intuitive and extremely user friendly GUI to support and to achieve the run setup in a few basic steps.

Step 1: Define the size of the population, the number of generations the design points and the Objectives

Step 2: Specifiy the constraints that the chromosomes must repect.

Step 3: Load or use the default parameters ranges, tune them and save them into a file for future runs.

Step 4: Press the "Start" button and focus on more important tasks, until the optimal profiles for your design case will be generated.

Real Time Solution Displaying, Processing and Analysing: EDGAR offers a real time solution display and processing functionality. Check and analyse the ongoing solution as it evolves. The analysis panels will provide you with a full board of information about the evolution as it takes place. On top of that you can perform point analysis of promising chormosomes. Click on a little diamond representing the interesting indvidual on either of the three analysis panels, press the analysis button and use the quick input interface to specify the freestream conditions... that's all!

Full Post-Processing Capability: Once the maximum generations number has been reached, exploit the integrated full post-processing capability provided by EDGAR. There's no need to launch additional programs, to move and copy files around. In the same environment you will have the possibility to:

  • Visualize the history of the evolution on the three analysis panels.

  • Display on each of the three analysis panels different aspects of the evolution in order to assess the trade-offs between the number of solutions in multi-objective optimization type runs.

  • Select the most promising individuals just by clicking on them.

  • Use the built in tools to set up in no time either point analysis or alfa and Mach sweeps of the selected solution.

  • Read comfortably the results on automatically generated plots.

  • Load past evolutions and re-analyse them.

  • Finally, save the coordinates of the profile, which most satisfy the design requirements and your engineering judgment.



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